native tool

The native tool is for running commands on bare metal, however, there’s some flexibility to run commands in varying environments. It looks like this in a task definition:

    "exec": {
        "native": {},
        "darwin": {}, # AKA, OSX
        "freebsd": {},
        "linux": {},
        "openbsd": {},
        "win32": {},
        "native-nix": {},
        "native-win": {}

If the command you need to run will work universally, it’s a good idea to use the “native” tool, however there are a few things that may not “just work” everywhere. For example, rm -rf folder doesn’t work in windows where it’s just rmdir folder. You can define these both:

    "exec": {
        "native-nix": {
            "command": ["rm","-rf","folder"]
        "native-win": {
            "command": ["rmdir","folder"]

This allows your tasks to run cross-platform without too much hassle.

tyche will choose the more specific native command. If darwin and native-nix is defined, and tyche is being run on osx, it will choose darwin instead of native-nix.

Here are the keys/values that the native tool responds to:

  • command: (array of strings) The command to run
  • working: (string) The working directory (current location of tyche.json if not defined)
  • acceptsArgs: (boolean) Allows passing arguments from the tyche process