docker compose tool

Docker Compose is a cli tool from the great people at Docker. It’s a supported tool in tyche. I’ve personally found it to be very powerful when used to create prod-like and reliable development environments.

To use this tool, simply add it to the task definition:

    "exec": {
        "docker-compose": {}

Here are the available keys/values the tool accepts:

bold is the default, if the key is required.

  • action: (string)
    • up: same as docker-compose up
    • down: same as docker-compose down
    • build: same as docker-compose build
    • pull: same as docker-compose pull
    • run: same as docker-compose run
  • service: (string) The name of the service(s) to perform an action on
  • file: (string) The name of the docker-compose.yml file, which is the default
  • command: (string) The command string to pass to docker-compose run
  • volumes: (boolean) Whether to delete volumes when the action is down