Studies are a concept in tyche that allow you to define certain files that should be watched for changes and if a task hasn’t been run by the time a commit or push is attempted, then it should tell the user they need to perform those tasks. This is installed into a repository by running tyche init

This feature is currently only supported in git. You are welcome to open an issue and/or pull request if you’d like to see this feature extended to other version control systems.

For example, if you’d like to watch the folder src for changes and require that tests be run before allowing a commit, it would look something like:

    "study": [
            "on": "commit",
            "watch": [
            "message": {
                "error": "It looks like you forgot to test the code before committing, please do so"
            "reset": [

Once a task named test is run, it will reset the error and allow the commit into source control.